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Exploring the Excitement of the PokerStars Mystery Cash Challenge


The PokerStars Mystery Cash Challenge kicked off its debut episode recently, offering a thrilling and enigmatic format to viewers. The star of the night turned out to be Alexandra Botez, who made a remarkable call in a hand that left Brazilian player Fabiano Kovalski as the round’s most significant casualty.

The Mystery Cash Challenge blends high-stakes cash game action with a mysterious bounty twist. Comprising six rounds, each featuring ten hands, this challenge puts participants to the test. The first nine hands serve as qualifying rounds, with each player needing to secure a victory in at least one of these hands to qualify for the critical tenth hand.

The tenth hand, known as the “bomb pot,” requires each qualified player to contribute a €100 ante, with the winner receiving a mysterious prize along with a bonus reward.

Participants in the PokerStars Mystery Cash Challenge

  • Alexandra Botez
  • Griffin Benger
  • Maria Ho
  • Team PokerStars’ Sam Grafton
  • Team PokerStars’ Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot
  • Fabiano Kovalski

All six participants entered the challenge with a €10,000 cash buy-in, and the blinds were set at €25/€50. The game initially followed a pot-limit Hold’em betting structure, transitioning to no-limit after the flop.

Key Moments in the Challenge

First Blood to Parker Talbot

The action kicked off with Parker Talbot securing the first victory. He found himself with two pairs on the river, leading to a significant river bet that clinched the pot. The hand began with a €200 raise from Kovalski, holding king-ten. Maria Ho called with ace-seven in the small blind, and Talbot, in the big blind, joined the action with queen-ten.

The flop revealed three-seven-ten, prompting both Ho and Talbot to check to Kovalski, who continued with a €450 bet. Ho and Talbot called. The eight turn saw all three players check, providing Kovalski with a diamond flush draw. A queen on the river gave Talbot two pairs, and he confidently bet €1,350 into the €1,950 pot after Ho checked. Neither Kovalski nor Ho matched the bet, allowing Parker to scoop the pot and earn a bomb pot qualification token.

Botez and Grafton Clash

Botez secured her victory during the second round, engaging in a brief tussle with Sam Grafton. Kovalski, on the other hand, earned his bomb pot qualification in a hand against Griffin Benger.

Tension Rises as All Qualify for Bomb Pot

The game intensified during the sixth hand when Benger qualified for the bomb pot. This meant that all six players had earned their spots in the pivotal bomb pot round. Now, everyone was vying for an additional token, as the player with the most tokens would receive the button in the bomb pot round.

Benger’s Slip-Up with Seven-Deuce

Hand #7 witnessed Benger getting adventurous with the less-than-stellar seven-deuce. Despite opening with a €200 bet in the cutoff, Benger was check-raised by Talbot to €650 after the ten-seven-seven flop. Benger called, and both players checked on the jack turn. The river brought another jack, nullifying Benger’s hand and forcing him to bluff with a €1,000 bet. Talbot called, claiming the pot.

Botez vs. Benger in a High-Stakes Duel

In the eighth hand, Botez and Griffin Benger went head-to-head in a significant confrontation. Benger opened with €175 in early position, holding king-queen, and called Botez’s three-bet of €300, made with ace-seven of spades. Benger check-called a €400 continuation bet on the ten-deuce-nine flop, followed by another check-call for €1,500 on the turn when a king appeared. Benger then took charge with a €2,000 bet on the jack river, completing his straight. Botez eventually folded, granting Benger a €4,475 win.

Botez Prevails in Penultimate Hand

In the penultimate hand, Botez emerged victorious in a showdown with Maria Ho. Botez raised to €200 with ace-jack and called Ho’s three-bet to €500, made with king-five of hearts. Botez check-called a €400 bet on the nine-nine-five flop, with both players checking on the jack turn. The river revealed a deuce, and Botez confidently bet €1,000, which Ho decided to call. This victory awarded Botez the button for the upcoming bomb pot.

The Thrilling Bomb Pot Goes to Botez

The bomb pot commenced with all players contributing €100 to the pot, progressing to the flop without a preflop betting round. Kovalski’s jack-ten of clubs held the best preflop hand, but none of the participants held premium holdings:

  • Small Blind Maria Ho: 6♥ 2♠
  • Big Blind Parker Talbot: 9♦ 5♥
  • Under the Gun Fabiano Kovalski: J♣ 10♣
  • Middle Sam Grafton: Q♣ 4♦
  • Cutoff Griffin Benger: 9♣ 2♣
  • Button Alexandra Botez: 9♠ 8♥

The flop unveiled seven-three-eight rainbow. Ho checked, Talbot initiated with a €50 bet, and Kovalski raised to €325. Grafton and Benger folded, but Botez, with her top pair, opted to call. Ho and Talbot folded their hands.

The turn revealed another seven, prompting Kovalski to check to Botez, who placed a €500 bet. Kovalski contemplated his options before opting for a check-raise to €2,400 with his gutshot and two overcards. Botez remained confident, quickly calling the raise. Kovalski inquired about Botez’s chip count as a queen landed on the river. Moments later, Kovalski pushed all in for €8,225! Botez inquired if she could reveal one of her hole cards, received permission to do so, and exposed the eight.

After several moments of contemplation, Botez made her decision, uttering “F**k it, call.” She then witnessed the €20,250 pot slide in her favor, much to the delight of the table.

Round 1 Standings

  1. Alexandra Botez: €20,250 (+€10,250)
  2. Parker Talbot: €12,975 (+€2,975)
  3. Sam Grafton: €9,475 (-€525)
  4. Griffin Benger: €10,000 (-€1,750)
  5. Maria Ho: €7,900 (-€2,100)
  6. Fabiano Kovalski: €8,150 (-€8,850)

Botez’s victory in the bomb pot allowed her to open a mystery prize envelope, which revealed €500 in cash

, bringing her total winnings for the session to an impressive €10,750. Additionally, Botez had the unique opportunity to select a player who would remain silent for the first nine hands of Round 2. Should the chosen player break this rule and speak during any of those nine hands, they would be obligated to pay €100 to each of the other five players.

Selecting a Silent Partner

Botez took a moment to deliberate her decision, initially considering Benger, then shifting her attention to the always-talkative Grafton. Finally, she nominated Talbot, who humorously acknowledged that he was a likely candidate to lose the silence challenge.

What’s Next?

Curious viewers eager to see if Talbot can maintain his silence during Round 2 will have their answer during the second episode of the PokerStars Mystery Cash Challenge. The next episode is scheduled to air on September 16 at 3:00 p.m. CEST on PokerStars Central and UK YouTube channels.

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Please note that the article is based on information available as of September 12, 2023. For the latest updates and details, refer to the official PokerStars channels.

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