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In an era where many people seek ways to enjoy online poker with friends or set up PokerStars Home Games, it’s crucial to understand how online poker functions in the United States. This article explores the nuances of playing PokerStars in the USA, addressing questions like where it’s legal, how to sign up, and the potential use of VPNs.

By Connor Richards, U.S. Editor & Live Reporter

Chapter 1: Playing PokerStars in the USA

Unlocking PokerStars in Legal States

Poker enthusiasts in the USA often wonder if they can play PokerStars for real money. The answer depends on their location, as online poker’s legality varies by state. This chapter explains how to access PokerStars in states where it’s permitted.

Chapter 2: Signing up and Playing PokerStars in the USA

The Road to PokerStars

Signing up on PokerStars is a straightforward process that paves the way for online poker excitement. This chapter provides a step-by-step guide on creating a PokerStars account and preparing to dive into the virtual world of poker.

Chapter 3: Legal States for Playing PokerStars

Where Can You Play PokerStars for Real Money?

PokerStars is legally accessible in specific states. If you’re not in one of these states, don’t despair; there are free poker games to explore. This chapter lists states where you can enjoy real money games on PokerStars, including Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Chapter 4: Unavailable States and Advocating for Change

States Awaiting PokerStars

While PokerStars is active in numerous states, some remain excluded. This chapter outlines the states where PokerStars is not yet available and encourages players to engage with their state representatives to advocate for legal online poker.

Chapter 5: State-Specific Information

Details for Legal PokerStars Play

This chapter delves into the specifics of playing PokerStars in states where it’s legal:

  • Michigan: Online poker became legal in Michigan in late 2019, making PokerStars MI accessible.
  • New Jersey: One of the first states to legalize online poker, New Jersey welcomes PokerStars NJ.
  • Pennsylvania: PokerStars PA offers real money games in Pennsylvania. An interstate compact signed in December 2022 enables sharing player pools with PokerStars NJ.

Chapter 6: The Future of PokerStars in Other States

What Lies Ahead for Unavailable States

For states where PokerStars is not yet available, this chapter explores the potential future of legal online poker and the anticipation of PokerStars’ arrival.

Chapter 7: Playing PokerStars in States with Legalization Pending

States on the Brink of Legalization

In states where online poker legalization is on the horizon, players can look forward to PokerStars’ potential arrival. This chapter discusses the outlook for these states and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Chapter 8: Alternative Platforms for Poker Enthusiasts

Exploring Alternative Poker Options

In areas where PokerStars remains unavailable, players can seek alternative online poker platforms. This chapter introduces PokerStars Play as a free alternative and suggests exploring live card rooms where applicable.


Playing PokerStars in the USA involves navigating a complex landscape of legalities and regional availability. While the game thrives in some states, others await potential legalization. Regardless of your location, there are ways to enjoy poker, whether on PokerStars or alternative platforms. As the landscape evolves, the future holds promise for more states to join the PokerStars network, providing exciting opportunities for poker enthusiasts nationwide.

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